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Effortless expense management in real-time on your mobile, web & watch


Receipt/bill tracking in real-time, categorization and expense reporting – all seamlessly integrated with QuickBooks. Loved by thousands of small businesses, bookkeepers, accountants, and employees alike.

Collect Receipts & Bills in Real-Time (includes OCR)

Real-Time Receipt Processing, with OCR & Machine Intelligence to automate your Bookkeeping. Learn more here:

Take Command of your expenses - Your Receipts available 24x7

Gain control of your expenses. Instantly see where your business or personal money is going. With Linked Accounts you also gain insights into your employee or family expenses in real-time. Employee Reimbursements can now be realized in real-time. Learn about managing your receipts here:

Get Reimbursed for Travel Expenses

Using iqBoxy's Logbook feature, you can track vehicle business usage and claim it on tax. This includes simplified record keeping, integrated receipts, GPS calculations that don't suck your battery dead and many more.

Dictate Your Expenses to your Watch, like Dick Tracy

At a Swipe stay on top of your expense receipts. At a Glance your monthly expenses visualized. Be Notified instantly when a receipt is added. Dictate your expenses using voice. Let iqBoxy do the rest. More here:

Collect Receipts & Bills in Real-Time (includes OCR)
Take Command of your expenses - Your Receipts available 24x7
Get Reimbursed for Travel Expenses
Dictate Your Expenses to your Watch, like Dick Tracy



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STARTER 0 (FREE) 1 Limited-faceted Document Collection, Unlimited Document Storage, Machine Document Parsing (OCR), Budgeting Tools, Ad Supported
PRIME 9.99 USD / month / user 1 Multi-faceted Document Collection, Unlimited Document Storage, Machine Document Parsing (OCR), Budgeting Tools, Priority email support, Process Automation using Rules, Add Users & Share Documents, Expense Reporting, Quickbooks Integration

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Do you offer other form of receipt collection apart from scan directly into iqBoxy mobile app?
Yes. We also support processing digital receipts sent to a private email address we provide you after your registration. Our system can process PDF, Image & Doc attached receipts with ease. More detail on this and how to reserve your personal private iqBoxy email address for email receipt collection is located here:
Is it possible to share my collected receipts in iqBoxy mobile app with my spouse or family member privately?
Yes. We call this feature “Linked Accounts”. You can add any family member and control who sees the receipts. Learn how to activate this feature by reading our guide on iqBoxy Blog here: As a bonus, you can digitize your Loyalty Cards into iqBoxy app and share them with your family. Share your loyalty cards with them so they can maximize the benefits you enjoy. More about Loyalty Cards here:
Can I backup my receipts to a cloud based backup provider like Evernote or Dropbox for my own safe keeping?
Most definitely. The setup takes under 30 seconds to complete and once hooked in we take care of all the heavy lifting for you. Information on activating Dropbox sync is located here and Evernote backups here We also support a suite other Connected App services which you can read about here:
Where can I get more tips, best practice guides and “how to” information on iqBoxy mobile app use?
You can find all the latest “Tip of the Day” listed on our Twitter account here @iqboxy tagged with a has tag iqBoxyTopOfTheDay. If you visit the URL below you will see an aggregate of all the tips: