Import Tracking App

The simple way to track product from overseas


Import Tracking App-Designed for importers and distributors using QuickBooks Online who are currently tracking shipments and costing in spreadsheets. Keep track of shipping information, costing information and attach documents on every shipment.

Container Tracking

Track all the shipping information on an import such as Point of Origin, Destination, Bill of Lading # and any other fields you want to add

Shipping Report

Report on Containers to see where goods are shipping to and from, when you can expect them to arrive and the estimated landed cost on each item

Landed Costs

Include all the costing associated with importing goods to get a true landed cost on each item instead of relying on just the purchase price or an average cost

Attach Documents

Upload all importing documents and shipping documents including Bill of Lading, Packing List, Commercial Invoice, Container Loading Pictures, Certifications, Certificate of Origin, and anything else you want

Bring in Purchase Orders from QuickBooks

Integrated with QuickBooks so you can add PO's to your container

Container Tracking
Shipping Report
Landed Costs
Attach Documents
Bring in Purchase Orders from QuickBooks



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Import Tracking App $29 1 Per Month

Technical support is included with your subscription. To clarify, technical support is restricted to solving technical issues such as error messages, installation problems, inability to sign into ITA, and concerns over possible system malfunction. Non-technical incidents, such as training, customization, and general how-to questions will be directed to your ITA Support Representative as a chargeable service.


Online support:


What options are available to customize the app?
"Conversation Starters" (from Gear: Edit update page) will walk you through the custom options available in ITA. You can customize logistic elements, types of costs you want to track or even add new tabs and fields for additional tracking from this screen. You can also upload your logo and modify what columns appear on the management screen as well.
How do I get started?
When you log in for the first time, you'll be shown a sample container from the ITA container management screen. You can edit that container and start adding your PO lines to it, or create a new one from the plus (+) button as well. You can also browse our options through the Gear menu to dive deeper into what's available.
Is there more?
Sure, lets chat. Call us at 845-383-3800. We have over twenty years of experience supporting the software needs of importers and distributors and have several options for small and large customers in specific industries like Chemicals, Plastics, Wines, Food and Beverage and Textiles. We also have additional add-on options for QuickBooks Online