Offer and Accept Payment Plans On Past Due Invoices Through Text/E-mail


Nurture relationships, control finances, eliminate collections, and improve customer retention. Discover all the possibilities that automation can bring to your Accounts Receivable Department using QuickBooks Online Integration.


All outgoing communications are automated. Once a customer agrees to a plan, all recurring payments are automated and deposited directly into your account.

Alternate Payment Options

Offer customers payment options (e.g. Credit/Debit Card, ACH, Mobile Wallets like Apple Pay, etc.) and payment plans, such as weekly or monthly.

Mobile Solutions

Reach your customers where they're at; their phone. Your customer receives notifications via text and email. Selecting their payment plan and entering their payment information takes seconds, and can be done from any mobile device or computer.

Branded Communications

Customize your statements with your own logo, your own messaging, and your own payment plans.

Alternate Payment Options
Mobile Solutions



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Basic $119.99/month 0 Upload up to 50 invoices a month.
Premium $239.99/month 0 Upload up to 250 invoices a month.
Enterprise Please call for pricing - (855) 999-7293. 0 Starting at 500 invoices a month.

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How can ItsPayd help my company?
ItsPayd is designed to augment your current AR methods by generating Brand Loyalty by helping past due cusomters and Predictable Cash Flow by offering your customers flexible payment plans.
How will ItsPayd benefit my customers?
Offering payment plans to your customers can benefit them drastically. Your customers do business with you for a reason; our aim is to keep them there by offering safe, convenient payment plans that meet their cash flow. At will payments allow the customer to feel in control of bills they otherwise feel threatened by, providing a compassionate way to continue business with you.