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The ideal mobile HR employee management software app. Engage employees with consistent feedback. No training needed. “I created job descriptions and did performance appraisals fast. My managers and employees both love this app” Dave J.

Why use JuvodHR?

  • Generate consistent feedback to engage employees and reduce absenteeism.
  • Protect your company with legally-grounded professional employee documentation.
  • Get the same tools used by enterprises without the high cost. No HR personnel required.
  • We connect Job Descriptions to Performance Reviews, like magic, simple and fast.

    We can prove it. Search for a Job Title.

  • JuvodHR does the heavy lifting for you:

  • JuvodHR hand-curated the most useful data from the nation's primary source of occupational information developed by the US Department of Labor.
  • Search over 14,000 job titles to discover various job descriptions and quickly customize.
  • Sync employee data from QuickBooks.
  • Evaluate and rank employee performance fairly and quickly.

    “You cannot find an application that is so easy, effortless to learn, truly customizable and efficient.” CSM, (

  • Performance Reviews – simple, fast and meaningful:

  • Each employee gets a customized performance review based on their job description.
  • Use the expertly-crafted employee feedback language suggested with each review for optimum results in an open discussion with your employee.

    “We have researched countless online employee review platforms. JuvodHR is WAY more affordable than ANY other competitor we found.” Camryn206 (

  • Corrective Action Notices protect your company:

  • Be prepared to dispute false unemployment claims and lawsuits with valid documentation.
  • Research shows being overlooked is more harmful to employees engagement than negative feedback.

    “We needed a solution that would help clearly define roles and responsibilities hold people accountable for them through an easy review process. JuvodHR accomplishes this. It's a no brainer decision if you want to streamline your HR using today's cloud-based software.” JakeR (

  • Performance Reviews are scored on a precision scale of 1 - 7:

  • 1 to 3.9 = Needs Improvement.
  • 4 to 6 = Meets Expectations.
  • 6.1 to 7 = Exceeds Expectations.
  • The JuvodHR score provides a meaningful way to compare employees with the same job title or across different job titles.

    “I am certain this product is going to help us develop and retain better employees. Employees want to know where they stand and employers want to develop better employees. You must try this wonderful management tool!” LandscapeJunkie (

  • JuvodHR Employee Summary

  • Stack rank employees with the same job title or across different job titles in a company-wide comparison.
  • Keep Performance Reviews and Corrective Action Notices in one easily accessible place.
  • Receive monthly email snapshots of employee review dates.

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  • Why use JuvodHR?
    JuvodHR does the heavy lifting for you:
    Performance Reviews – simple, fast and meaningful:
    Corrective Action Notices protect your company:
    Performance Reviews are scored on a precision scale of 1 - 7:
    JuvodHR Employee Summary



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    What is different about JuvodHR's Job Descriptions?
    Our Job Descriptions have already been written for you by top industry experts. Plus, you can easily edit them to match your organization's needs. We are the only system that allows you to access our extensive database of occupations and edit the results of your search. We have customized the information available on O*NET, the nation's primary source of occupational information, developed under the sponsorship of the US Department of Labor.
    What is the best way to use the JuvodHR Scores?
    The JuvodHR Score provides management a fair and valid way to stack rank employees. The JuvodHR Score is valid across all the jobs in your organization, regardless of salary. You may consider stack ranking employees with the same job title and/or stack ranking employees by department. You may also want to stack rank all of the employees in your organization to give you a clear picture of good performers vs. not so good performers. This will also help you decide how to distribute bonuses.
    How is an employee's JuvodHR Score determined?
    Our experts have developed a statistically valid weighted system that calculates an employee's JuvodHR Score based on his or her performance ratings. All Tasks and Work Styles are first rated on a scale of 1 to 7: 1.0 to 3.9 = Needs Improvement, 4.0 to 6.0 = Meets Expectations, 6.1 to 7.0 = Exceeds Expectations. We weight each of these ratings based upon the item's importance to the job as determined by list order, then average those weighted ratings to calculate the JuvodHR Score.
    Where did the Tasks and Work Styles in your Job Descriptions and Performance Reviews come from?
    The top Tasks and Work Styles for each job presented in JuvodHR’s Job Descriptions and Performance Reviews are based on research from O*NET’s data collection program. JuvodHR has drawn the top 10 Tasks and the top 8 Work Styles from O*NET’s database. The data, collected from three sources – workers, occupation experts, and occupation analysts – is used to provide complete information for each occupation. Experts at JuvodHR have customized some of the tasks for you, to make them more meaningful