Katana Manufacturing ERP

Production and inventory management for a modern maker, crafter, manufacturer.

Key benefits

  • Production planning - schedule production activities based on incoming sales orders (Make-to-order) or reorder points in stock (Make-to-stock). Never miss a delivery deadline and plan ahead.
  • Real-time inventory control - know immediately if you have enough raw materials and inventory for fulfilling your sales orders. Purchase and manufacture the missing quantities in time.
  • Automate invoice and purchase orders/bills with QuickBooks integration. Create invoices in QuickBooks based on sales orders in Katana with a click of a button. Create bills in QuickBooks based on purchase orders in Katana with a click of a button.

How it works with QuickBooks

Katana integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks and with many other applications within commerce & supply chain ecosystem. Modern makers, crafters, small manufacturers, who sell via their e-shops (like Shopify), marketplaces (like Amazon) and through the reseller networks, consolidate sales orders into Katana for production and inventory management. Sales orders and purchase orders finalized in Katana are seamlessly sent to QuickBooks for accounting purposes. Hassle-free workflow for a Smart Workshop.


Katana is packed with features that help you run a smart workshop. Sales order fulfillment, production planning, real-time inventory control and optimization, manufacturing floor-level control, purchasing missing materials, accurate costing of manufacturing jobs, integrations with e-commerce, accounting and shipping platforms. Visual overview of your entire workshop. Sell, make and ship from a single app.



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Katana is priced to scale with your business.

Free trial 0 Unlimited We offer 14-day free trial with no credit card required. Sign up and give it a try at https://katanamrp.com/sign-up
All features 49 EUR Unlimited Get access to all features. Plan includes one user, one warehouse location and one sales channel integration. Additional fees may apply for upgrades. Please review the full pricing at https://katanamrp.com/pricing

We offer live chat and email support to all our customers. Get in touch with our customer success team to turn your workshop into a Smart Workshop with Katana.


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Which type of business is Katana suitable for?
Katana is built for modern makers, crafters, and small manufacturers around the world. Companies from very many different industries ranging from cosmetics to leatherworking use Katana to run an effective workshop.
What other integrations does Katana offer?
Katana integrates with several e-commerce platforms (e.g. Shopify) and marketplaces to allow our customers to pull in sales orders from various sales channels (including offline sales channels).