Cloud based Point Of Sale Software for iPad, Android, Mac and Windows


Stores around the world rely on Kounta’s flexible and scalable cloud-based Point of Sale System. Quick and easy to use. Kounta can be securely used in both on and offline on any device.

Point of Sale Screen

Kounta responds to you and whatever screen size you have, so on mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop in portrait or in landscape, Kounta looks and works the same.

Inventory Management

Powerful inventory management that simplifies what’s going on in your stock room with purchase orders, wastage and inventory counts. Real time stock-on-hand and product level sales reports to help identify popular products to make better business decisions.


Get an instant snapshot of each of your stores or report on an unlimited amount of stores. Real time views of your sales history, customers and popular products you can view wherever and whenever you want.

Point of Sale Screen
Inventory Management


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Kounta is available for free for up to 10 transactions a day (no Credit Card required). After that we have a simple price of $50/Register/Month

Kounta Light $0 999 Kounta Lite (the free plan, No Credit Card required) includes all of Kounta’s features and add-ons with limited transactions. You can upgrade at any time.
Kounta Business $50/Month 999 Kounta Business is fully functional and has unlimited users, customers and products. Just $50/Register/Month

Our support is available 24*7 Via our support portal.


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How long does it take to get Kounta up and running?
This highly depends on what sort of business you are and how you plan to use Kounta. For a simple setup you could be trading within a few minutes.
What if the internet drops out or gets disconnected?
Kounta is built with an offline mode that still allows you to make sales, print receipts and open a cash draw. It’s fail safe meaning you’ll always be able to make that next sale. Once Kounta reconnects it will sync all of your information so you won’t miss a beat.
Why is Kounta using ‘The Cloud’?
Using ‘The Cloud’, Kounta can offer you an ever growing number of features and unbelievable security without the need for you to buy an expensive computer or have to worry about backing up your information. We take care of the hard stuff so you can focus on running and growing your business.