Legrand CRM

Powerful CRM + Projects/Jobs/TimeSheets + Pipeline + Gmail/Outlook Plugins


Manage all your business relationships and communications with Legrand CRM. No more Excel spread-sheets, no more lost emails, no more misplaced leads. Your team will be in sync and nothing will fall through the cracks!


Who says a powerful CRM solution has to be hard? Deceptively easy to learn and use, Legrand CRM provides “drag and drop” customization that requires no coding. Our Outlook CRM app lets you view CRM info in Outlook, transfer emails, create tasks and notes. Our QuickBooks sync brings transactions into LCRM. Use our email merge to send personalized emails to customers based on dollars spent. Use calendar scheduling to keep your team organized.

Create happy customers!

Never be caught by surprise! With the full customer history at their fingertips, including accounting transactions, anyone in your team can quickly respond to any customer query and schedule the appropriate follow-up action. Great service creates happy customers. With our Outlook CRM app any important email is easily transferred to Legrand CRM and actioned for follow-up.

Never lose a lead!

The pipeline dashboard gives you a great visual on active opportunities and our activity reporting let's you monitor what your sales team is doing.

List management and targeted communications

Legrand CRM is simply great at list management - segmenting your companies and contacts into multiple lists. Use the built-in email template editor to create a variety of standard response templates which you can you can use for targeted emails sent directly from Legrand CRM, or for newsletters and large campaigns simply export the target list to email marketing service providers.

Create happy customers!
Never lose a lead!

15 days Free trial, no credit card required. From $12 per month per user.

Standard $12/month per user 50 Great value and functionality. Includes all core functions, plus personalized email templates and fantastic Gmail & Outlook CRM Apps.
Professional $16/month per user 50 All the features of Standard plan plus Jobs, Time cards and Time Sheets

Check the online FAQ or email cloudsupport@legrandcrm.com


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Support and FAQ
Check our FAQ at http://help.legrandcloudcrm.com and email support is available from support@legrandcrm.com