Lightspeed Accounting

Automated integration for users of QuickBooks Online and Lightspeed Retail

Key benefits

  • Nightly sync of accounting data between Lightspeed Retail and QuickBooks Online, saving you time and eliminating the chance of error with manual data entry
  • Extensive dashboard that shows which data has been uploaded, including payments, item quantity, sell price, cost, and margin, allowing a secondary level of detail for verification
  • Works with single store or multiple location accounts

How it works with QuickBooks

After setting up your GL accounts in QuickBooks Online with your bookkeeper, you map these accounts to fields in Lightspeed Accounting for payment methods, cost of goods sold, revenue, and so on. Once mapped, Lightspeed Accounting automatically syncs your point of sales data from Lightspeed Retail to QuickBooks Online nightly. If ever there is a discrepancy, a dashboard makes it easy to compare data between QuickBooks and Lightspeed.


Easy setup and assignment of GL accounts to product categories and payment methods, taxes, costs, and more Data for your stores is gathered across locations, allowing you to organize your stores.


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Starting at $30 per month

One Store $30 per month Unlimited Pricing for one Lightspeed Retail store

Lightspeed offers 24/7 Support (excluding holiday periods). Lightspeed Support strives to respond to support requests within 1 business day from customers with a valid Support & Upgrades Subscription on weekdays.

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What kinds of information syncs with QuickBooks Online?
Lightspeed Accounting automatically syncs the following data from Lightspeed Retail: - Sales by item or by category - Discounts by type - Sales tax by type - Customer deposits and workorder payments - Payments by type - Cash over/short - Cash payouts - Purchase Orders