Intelligent Accounts Payable - 100% accurate, real time data + approval workflow

Key benefits

  • Line-item extraction - Lightyear extracts line-item data from electronic bills with 100% accuracy in real time. Lightyear applies rules line by line, detects international currency, confirms the Tax is correct and price checks each line item.
  • Approvals workflow - Bills are sent to the correct person for approval, no matter the size of the business. You can dispute and communicate on each bill using the notes feature, before exporting to QuickBooks Online.
  • Bills stored in the Lightyear cloud - Bills are reconciled automatically and stored in the Lightyear cloud for your regulatory period. You give auditors & external teams access to specific files and data, keeping all records secure and under control.

How it works with QuickBooks

Lightyear is integrated with QuickBooks Online for the seamless transfer of data between the 2 systems. All relevant data is extracted from your bills in Lightyear, categorised and exported into QuickBooks Online, ready for payment to be made. We send suppliers (vendors), GL categories, items, chart of accounts, tax rates, bills and credit notes, into QuickBooks Online.


Increase speed, accuracy and collaboration in your accounts payable. Get more accurate information quicker on your Accounts Payable with Lightyear. With 100% accurate data extraction in real-time, you get a live view of your Accounts Payable.



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30-day free trial available by signing up at For a full price list of Lightyear credits, please visit

Monthly Credits $0.25-0.75 Unlimited You purchase a recurring amount of monthly credits to use each month. To process 1 bill costs 1 credit, no matter the type of bill. All users get access to the full feature set of Lightyear
Bulk Credits $0.25-0.75 Unlimited You purchase a bulk amount of credits to use until they run out To process 1 bill costs 1 credit, no matter the type of bill. All users get access to the full feature set of Lightyear

Qualified support team servicing the United States from the UK & Australia. Multichannel servicing via email, phone, live chat and round the clock support. Our support team is online during the following hours - Mon - Fri 24 hours per day. Limited support also available on weekends.

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Can I try Lightyear before I purchase?
All accounts get a free 30-day trial to try out Lightyear before you need to purchase any credits.
How long does it take to process a document?
After initial setup, all supplier bills are processed in Lightyear in real-time.
What data is synced between Lightyear and QBO?
All the relevant data from your supplier bills is extracted and sent into QuickBooks. Suppliers, items, GL categories, chart of accounts, tax rates, bills and credit notes are all sent into QuickBooks.
Is there a Partner Program for Pro Advisors?
Yes there is a Partner Program available. Click here for more info -