LOCATE Inventory

Enterprise-level inventory and order management with summarized accounting.

Key benefits

  • ERP-Level Features - From warehouse basics, such as kitting, barcoding, and tracking, to advanced manufacturing workflows like drop shipping, outsource manufacturing, and wave picking, LOCATE brings the power of an ERP system to QuickBooks.
  • Built to Scale - LOCATE is the ideal solution for inventory-based companies looking to harness the power of the cloud without any of the data caps, volume constraints, or financial "file bloat" found with traditional inventory software.
  • In-House Development and Support - LOCATE was built from the ground up in Southern California. Our team of industry experts value customer service above all, so we provide 24/7 in-house support to ensure every client's success!

How it works with QuickBooks

Inventory Designed with Accounting in Mind!
LOCATE continuously summarizes your company's transactions and syncs only essential information with QuickBooks. This keeps your QuickBooks data lean and clean, while LOCATE's internal inventory ledger and comprehensive audit trails provide full financial visibility.


LOCATE is a scalable, cloud-based inventory management solution designed to help product-based businesses succeed in the QuickBooks ecosystem. LOCATE's ERP-level features and dynamic workflows bring efficiency and productivity to growing companies, while summarized accounting keeps QuickBooks running lean and clean.

LOCATE's pricing structure is based on users per month*, and transition to the software may be subject to implementation pricing and schedule.

Titanium $100/month 1 Price includes full access to all the inventory management features of an ERP system with our revolutionary integration to QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop, customer support and the mobile application. *Minimum of 5 users.

LOCATE offers in-house customer support via phone (24/7) and email.


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What makes LOCATE different from other inventory systems currently on the market?
After participating in the inventory accounting industry for many years, we built LOCATE in response to a growing need in the SMB market for full-featured inventory management without the cost and complexity of an ERP system. Designed with the end-user in mind, LOCATE offers powerful features within an easy to use software. Above all, our superior customer service is what sets LOCATE apart; our customers aren't just purchasing software, they are partnering with a team who will help them succeed.
Why is summarized accounting important?
Most inventory platforms post individual transactions as separate journal entries, quickly filling your accounting database and forcing you to restart your database regularly. However, LOCATE supports continuously summarized transactions, relieving the stress on your accounting database. And, with LOCATE's Ledger and Chart of Accounts modules, reconciliation of financial data is a breeze.
What companies are a good fit for LOCATE?
Industry: From industrial manufacturing, to food production, to apparel, and beyond! LOCATE's workflows support nearly any industry.
Size: LOCATE is designed for mid-to-large companies who are looking to grow. An ideal LOCATE company has a separate person or team performing each step of the fulfillment process (sales, picking, shipping, etc.). An average LOCATE company has 10-50 users.
Do you integrate with ___?
Every LOCATE subscription includes over 30 integrations to several major platforms at no additional cost!
  • eCommerce - Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, Channel Advisor & MANY more
  • Payments - Stripe, PayPal, Auth.net
  • Shipping - FedEx, UPS, Endicia & more
  • Taxes - Taxify
    Visit LOCATEinv.com/integrations for a full list of current integrations.