LogiPoint Web

Freight management software designed to integrate with QuickBooks.


LogiPoint Web lets you have the best of both worlds: a dedicated load management and freight invoicing program plus the power of QuickBooks accounting software.

Centralized Load Board

TransTECH LogiPoint Web lets you see your loads at-a-glance with a color-coded Load Board. Sort and search loads, view by date range and print carrier confirmations, bills of lading and customer quotes, all without taking your eyes off the screen.

Document Storage

LogiPoint Web Industrial lets you attach a trail of all types of documents to each load.

Designed for the Freight Industry

TransTECH LogiPoint Web gives you what you need: load forms designed specifically for your industry. The first page of the form lets you enter reference #s, pick up and drop points, cargo description, weight, agent data and carrier details.

Dedicated, Flexible Customer and Carrier Charge Information

Enter customer charges on the second page of the load form. Charge by mile, piece, ton, hundredweight or percentage and have the extension automatically calculated for you. Or you can enter an amount manually. Distribute the charges to any QuickBooks income accounts you wish. Also enter carrier expenses and have the extensions automatically calculated as well. A summary box keeps track of revenue, expense, net revenue and agent commissions.

Comprehensive Report Library

Generate a wide variety of reports at the click of a button and export them to a variety of formats.

Centralized Load Board
Document Storage
Designed for the Freight Industry
Dedicated, Flexible Customer and Carrier Charge Information
Comprehensive Report Library

Single-user 30 day trial subscription. No credit card required

1-User $24.95/month 1 Full feature set, with QuickBooks access.
3-User $49.95/month 3 Full feature set, all users have QuickBooks access.
5-User $69.95/month 5 Full feature set, all users have QuickBooks access.
10-User $99.95/month 10 Full feature set, all users have QuickBooks access.
10-User Customer Portal $34.95/month 10 Add-On which allows use of the LogiPoint Web Customer Portal. You can have up to 10 customers log in to check loads, including status and charges.

Free up-and-running support is offered for the first 30 days, via remote connection. Subsequently, users may contact BusinessTECH via phone, fax or email with operational issues, which will be corrected free-of-charge. Time-critical support, as well as one-on-one assistance with using LogiPoint Web, are available at extra cost.


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How does LogiPoint Web integrate with QuickBooks?
LogiPoint Web supports only QuickBooks Online and integrates with it in two ways: first, Customers, Vendors (Carriers and/or Agents) and common Service Items are synchronized with QuickBooks. No need to enter data twice. Second, invoices that you produce in LogiPoint Web can be sent to QuickBooks with the click of a button. An invoice for your customer and bills (payables) for the carrier and any agents are automatically created in QuickBooks.
Is LogiPoint Web designed for brokers and trucking companies?
Absolutely, LogiPoint Web is designed around a color-coded, searchable Load Board that displays customer, carrier, shipper and consignee information for each load. You can produce bills of lading, carrier confirmations and customer quotations at the click of a button. LogiPoint Web can automatically calculate charges by Piece, Hundredweight, Ton, Mile or Percent. And you can search and assign Carriers to loads right from the keyboard.
Can I have multiple carriers on a load? how about shippers and consignees?
Yes, you can have up to three carriers per load (this limit may be lifted in the near future). You can also have as many shippers and consignees per load as you wish.
Can LogiPoint Web handle agents who receive commissions?
Yes. Each load can accommodate up to two agents. Commissions will be automatically calculated based on rates you provide and Bills will automatically be created in Quickbooks for each commission owed.