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**Millions in invoices sent!**. Easily Recover Unpaid Invoices via Print + Mail

Key benefits

  • *Unparalleled Results*: 52% of unpaid invoices are recovered when sent with Mailform. Your invoices are getting stuck in junk mail, and Mailform helps you cut through the clutter.
  • Easily print + mail unpaid invoices with - automatic imports of Quickbooks invoices - instant address book loading from Quickbooks - automatic matching of invoices to customers - send via USPS First Class, Certified & Priority Mail (w/ tracking #s)
  • *Positive ROI* For every $1 spent on invoice recovery with Mailform, customers recovered an average of $285 in invoice value. These results are from real small businesses, using Mailform's Quickbooks integration.

How it works with QuickBooks

Directly import your unpaid invoices from Quickbooks, and send those unpaid invoices via snail mail (USPS First Class Mail or Certified Mail), right from your computer. Send via USPS First Class or Certified Mail. Supports return envelopes, remit slips & color printing. Perfect for Law Firms, HOAs and more. Used by firms like ItemMaster International, Oaktree Law and many more.


This app makes it easy to - import unpaid invoice files from Quickbooks in a few quick clicks - import customer addresses - print and mail any files to any customers - send mail via USPS First Class Mail or USPS Overnight Mail Millions in invoices have been sent using Mailform's print + mail service



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Simple, per page pricing of $2.99 per page (per envelope) and $0.49 for each additional page. $0.25 extra per page for color. $8.99 extra for certified mail (per envelope).

Standard $2.99 per page (per envelope) and $0.49 for each additional page. $0.25 extra per page for color. $8.99 extra for certified mail (per envelope). 1 Standard pricing.
Pro $0.99 for the 1st page (per envelope) and $0.15 per additional page. $0.20 extra per page of color 47 Bulk Mail Pricing - applies for a minimum of 10 orders per month

Support is available Monday through Friday. You can email our support team from our website.

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How does Mailform work?
Mailform connects with your QuickBooks Online account to get all the invoices with an outstanding balance and lists them in a simple format so you can clearly choose the invoices to mail. Using the billing address from the invoice there is no additional data entry to be done: just select the invoices and then confirm your selections. We use the PDF versions of the unpai invoices so you can be sure that the invoices you prepare will be the invoices your customer receives, exactly as you intended.
What if I am sending tons of unpaid invoices? Is there a discount?
We offer automatic discounts as your volume grows! Visit for a calculator.
Can I get USPS tracking numbers?
YES! We support tracking numbers via USPS Certified Mail, Priority Mail, and Priority Mail Express. You will get a tracking link, and we'll notify you when it arrives?
Who typically uses Mailform?
Mailform is perfect for law firms, homeowners associations, lawn care companies, HVAC, or any business that sends monthly paper invoices via snail mail, or has unpaid invoices it needs to send. If you're sending lots of unpaid invoice volume, you'll automatically get bulk discounts.