Unit economics made simple.

Key benefits

  • Generate unit economics for your products in a few simple, guided steps. An established method used by CFOs and managers, now translated into an automated algorithm for you. No more excel sheets and formula-filling, we've got you covered.
  • Know your product portfolio profitability in aggregate by allocating raw materials and past quantities sold within Marginz, and understand your product rockstars, the cash cows and loss leaders.
  • Once you understand your product portfolio better with Marginz, allocate quantities or change the product mix to better suit your budgets.

How it works with QuickBooks

A 'Connect to QuickBooks' button is provided, which guides you through the process seamlessly.


Marginz auto calculates your unit economics with a few simple inputs, within a matter of minutes. All the repeated calculations in your head can safely be transferred into this algorithmic tool for more accuracy and instant analysis.

Free your mind from all the hectic frenzy of finding your best product portfolio!

The 1-click integration with QuickBooks ensures that the relevant information is already gathered in one place, and with a few more inputs, your dashboard will show you profitability per unit.



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How do I start?
Just login and you will be directed to the dashboard. You will be asked to connect to QuickBooks, and once connected, Marginz will automatically pre-fetch some data for you. Fill in the rest and voila, your unit economics page is ready. The step by step process guarantees you an easy flow. At any point, please feel free to reach us at
What if I need additional features?
We are waiting to hear from you while in beta! Please feel free to reach us at to make Marginz suit you better.