My Business Manager

Helping your Clients to manage their businesses just got easier!


My Business Manager links to QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop and produces stunning, detailed Dashboards and the best graphical Management Reports that you have seen. Everything business owners need to know in one place.

Easy to use, no learning curve, be productive within minutes

My Business Manager provides a suite of linked functions. QuickBooks and MBM is all that you need.

Easy to use, no learning curve, be productive within minutes

Volume pricing catering for all levels. 10% discount for annual purchases. Includes unlimited Support.

5-Business Pack (Starter Pack) $149 per month ($30 per Business) 5 Ideal to get started on the Business Advisory program
10-Business Pack $249 per month ($25 per Business) 10 Stage 2 - as you grow the service and for smaller firms
50-Business Pack $499 per month ($10 per Business) 50 Stage 3 - Ideal for the smaller firm.
100-Business Pack $749 per month ($7.50 per Business) 100 Stage 4 - When Business Advisory is a main-stream Revenue source.
Business Pack $99 per month 5 For Clients that want to do it themselves. Includes 2 x Businesses plus Consolidations. Unlimited Support to ensure satisfaction and success.

Unlimited support to ensure satisfaction and success


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Which versions of QuickBooks does MBM link to?
QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop 2014, 2015, 2016.
How is My Business Manager licensed?
To develop solutions like this costs a lot of money. Rather than charge large license fees, we have adopted a monthly subscription model providing for unlimited Users and paying for Businesses only. Consolidations are at no additional cost and can be as many and in any combinations you need.
Is there any lock-in period?
No, you can cancel at any time. Obviously the main benefits are from managing and monitoring performance over the life of the business so we hope that you stay with us permanently. In effect, we want to become your business partner and to help you to become successful.
What if I need a "special" report or dashboard or function?
If you need anything "special", let us know and if we feel that it would benefit other Customers, we may include it at no extra charge. If it is marginal or not a priority for us, we may make you an offer to develop it at cost and add it into MBM so we maintain it going forward.