MinuteDock - Time Tracking & Time Billing

Easy time tracking for professional services

Key benefits

  • Quick & easy time tracking
    Tracking your time is as simple as typing "30 mins", or leaving the timer ticking away until you're done. Switch instantly between tasks and clients. It's fast and easy!
  • Track time with MinuteDock, Bill your clients with QuickBooks
    MinuteDock seamlessly works with your QuickBooks invoicing. Your invoices are still sent to the client from QuickBooks, MinuteDock just takes the work out of creating them!
  • Stay on top of client retainers and team hours
    Set targets and budgets for clients and projects, and see your progress in real-time. Keep the team focussed, on track and within agreed quotes or retainers.

How it works with QuickBooks

MinuteDock makes tracking time fast and easy. Set targets and budgets and see progress in real time. Send time to QuickBooks for billing clients or running payroll. Used and loved by thousands of businesses around the world to stay productive.

Time tracking on the go is a breeze with MinuteDock. Our apps sync directly with the MinuteDock cloud so your running timer is always in sync. Add or edit time entries on the go, and scroll through your timesheet's history all from your iOS or Android device.


Bill clients via QuickBooks
MinuteDock seamlessly synchronizes all your contacts, accounts and time entries with QuickBooks Online, so all your data is accessible and easy to manage. When it comes to invoicing time, MinuteDock sends invoices through to QuickBooks for approval and sending – it's that simple.

Stay productive and profitable with our in-depth reporting
Keep on top of the time you’re spending on each client or project with our simple but powerful reporting. We put the data you need right at your fingertips, helping you make smarter business decisions. You'll never lose track of your time again.

MinuteDock starts at $19/month. Sign up for our 14 day free trial at MinuteDock.com

Freelancer $19 1 For the one-man band.
Small team $49 5 +$9 per additional user, per month
Business $99 10 +$9 per additional user, per month

We're here to help! Just click the "Help" tab from within MinuteDock, or drop us a line on team@minutedock.com.


Online support:


What information does MinuteDock get from my QuickBooks account?
We sync across your QuickBooks customers, employees, services, accounts and time entries. MinuteDock lets you easily create invoices and run payroll in QuickBooks based on your time entries.
How does invoicing work with MinuteDock and QuickBooks?
You create a draft invoice in MinuteDock which gets sent across to QuickBooks for approval and sending. You can also send invoices straight from MinuteDock to your clients.
How does payroll work with MinuteDock and QuickBooks?
Send your time entries to QuickBooks in a matter of seconds and see it all automatically filled in the next time you do a pay run.
Which versions of QuickBooks does MinuteDock integrate with?
MinuteDock works with QuickBooks Online in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia and India.