MRPeasy - production planning software for small manufacturers

Key benefits

  • Advanced production planning. MRPeasy gives you powerful options to plan your production process: create manufacturing orders and reschedule them in the master production schedule by just dragging to a new date.
  • Simple interface and complete overview of you company performance. Get access to any information that is needed to improve your efficiency: managerial statistics, sales statistics, cost control, critical on-hand report, equipment utilization report.
  • Easy reporting. If you want to have an online reporting, there is a special interface for workers to report their progress.

How it works with QuickBooks

QuickBooks Online is a powerful accounting software. MRPeasy focuses on manufacturing resource planning, reporting, inventory management, sales, and procurement. MRPeasy together with QuickBooks accounting creates a very powerful ERP system. * The integration works fully automatically and synchronizes purchases, sales invoices and stock values/movements between the two systems. * All inventory transactions must be performed in MRPeasy, the inventory levels (the piece counts) are only tracked in MRPeasy, and inventory valuation, WIP, COGS, etc. are posted to appropriate accounts in QBO.


MRPeasy is cloud-based, affordable and user-friendly production management software for small manufacturers (10-200 employees). Production planning, supply chain management, stock control, CRM - all in one place!



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Monthly subscription, 3 plans, prices per user per month.

Starter $ 49 1 Main functions
Professional $ 69 1 Main functions + Professional functions
Enterprise $ 99 1 Main functions + Professional functions + Enterprise functions
Unlimited $ 149 1 Limits: Unlimited

Support is available according to pricing plan


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What is MRPeasy?
MRPeasy is cloud-based, affordable and user-friendly production management software for small manufacturers (10-200 employees). It allows to plan and control manufacturing, stock, supplies, and relations with customers. Implementing MRPeasy improves performance and increases transparency of manufacturing company.
How difficult is it to implement MRPeasy?
When we designed MRPeasy, we focused on the needs of real manufacturing companies. We tried to make MRPeasy as simple as possible. Because of that implementation of MRPeasy is much simpler and faster than implementation of general purpose ERP.
How should I proceed?
Just sign up. We advise you to watch our training videos and to fill MRPeasy with the demo data. Then try the software.