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For small businesses and sole proprietorships in need of fast and accurate document reduction and spending management solutions, The Neat Company provides a cloud-based expense data and document consolidation, retention and processing platform.

InDocument Identification Technology

Neat’s patented ID2 technology automatically transforms the words and numbers on your page into data you can use. With the magic of ID2, there’s no need to enter data by hand.

How Neat and QuickBooks Online Handle Expense Reports

Whether you're generating a report on office expenses for the quarter or what was spent on gas last month, Neat's simple and intuitive reporting interface will let you get the results you want with no hassle. Since Neat fully integrates with QuickBooks ® Online, creating expense reports in Neat is simple and then you can send them directly to QuickBooks® Online for fast reimbursement.

How Neat and QuickBooks Online Handle Receipts

Using a corporate credit card linked to QuickBooks® Online? No problem. Neat will allow you to capture those receipts and send the data directly to a credit card account in QuickBooks Online to be matched against imported financial institution data.

How Neat and QuickBooks Online Handle Invoices

Getting paper and/or electronic vendor invoices that need to be paid? Neat will help you track and organize them and send the data directly to QuickBooks® Online as bills to be paid. You can even link them with specific clients, accounts, or projects.

How Neat works with QuickBooks Online

Neat has a seamless integration with QuickBooks® Online that makes it easy to get things done - no more exporting and importing and re-entering information. Information is automatically parsed from your documents and sent directly to QuickBooks ® Online. You can even map vendors, customers, and payment types in the beginning, only once. With a simple click of a button, you will be on your way to a more efficient workflow so you can save time and get to what matters!

InDocument Identification Technology
How Neat and QuickBooks Online Handle Expense Reports
How Neat and QuickBooks Online Handle Receipts
How Neat and QuickBooks Online Handle Invoices

Try Neat free today! We offer a free 30-day Premium trial that gives you complete access to every feature of Neat. This is our most popular plan and we want you to understand the full capability of Neat.

Essential $5.99/mo 1 Perfect for sole proprietors searching for an organizational solution.
Premium $14.99/mo 2 Perfect for businesses with more than 1 employee in need of sharing capabilities and integrations with accounting platforms.
Business $24.99/mo 5 Perfect for small businesses in need of sharing capabilities, integrations with accounting software, unlimited storage, and more!

Video tutorials, knowledgebase articles and contact support options are all available to make your Neat experience a success!


Online support:


Can I use my Intuit account to sign into Neat?
Yes! Look for the Intuit button, at
What transaction types can Neat help me send to QuickBooks?
Checks to reimburse employees for out-of-pocket expenses, bills for accrual-based expense reimbursement, credit card transactions for matching with online banking, and bills to be paid to vendors.
What Neat products can I use to gather my receipts?
Neat scanner or any 3rd party scanner; plus you can email in, import in or use the Neat mobile app to snap a picture.
What information does Neat send to QuickBooks?
Category, Vendor, Product, Project, Class, Location, Payment Type, Employee