Boost your sales! Track and close your deals easily and efficiently.

Description is a lead management software geared to help sales teams work smarter and close more deals. Boost productivity by creating leads in seconds from any source, customise your own pipeline and manage your sales cycle from end to end.

Pipeline view of your deals

Monitor the health of your sales pipeline and have a quick overview of where your deals are.


Wherever you go, take your leads with you!

Work efficiently

Thanks to the Compact view, easily execute bulk actions and manage your leads without going from one page to another.

Prospecting lists

Manage your prospects in an Excel-like document and once the contact is qualified, create a lead.


Want to analyse your sales by month, user, category, tag, etc? Check the reports!

Pipeline view of your deals
Work efficiently
Prospecting lists



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15-day free trial - no credit card required then, starts at $10 per month per user - No contract

Starter US$10 per month per user 1 The plan is at US$10 per month per user. There is no contract and no hidden costs. Full support, weekly webinars and personalised assistance offered.
Expert US$17 per month per user 1 The plan is at US$17 per month per user. There is no contract and no hidden costs. Users have access to all the advanced features with full support, weekly webinars and personalised assistance.

Support is available 7 days a week in 4 languages (English, French, Spanish and Portuguese) at Weekly webinars in the 4 languages are also available for free, enabling users to ask their questions and have immediate answers. You can also subscribe to our YouTube page to access our video tutorials and past webinar sessions, and check our Help Center.


Online support:


Is there a limit of space?
No. You can create as many leads as you want and upload as many files as you want. There are no hidden costs.
Can I connect my account to my calendar?
Yes. In the "Tips & Tools" menu, click on "Calendar". There you will find an iCal URL which will enable you to sync with Outlook or iCal, and also a connection with Google Calendar.
Is my data safe?
Yes. For more information, please read our Terms of Service:
Can I export my data?
Yes. At the end of every page there is an "export" button. Click on it and export your data in CSV format.