NOWaccount for QuickBooks Online

Get paid NOW! Changing the way businesses get paid changes everything.

Key benefits

  • FAST – Get paid in days, not weeks or months With NOWaccount, you get paid within days for a one-time, flat 3% - 3.5% service fee—just like taking a credit card. You get paid quickly, and your company has no liability or AR.
  • SECURE – You get paid even if your customer doesn’t pay NOWaccount Immediate Payment and Guaranteed Payment protect your company from losses due to customer non-payment. Take on new and larger customers without losing sleep at night!
  • EASY – No more cash flow headaches All NOWaccount payment options include AR administration, so you can stop chasing payments and running to the post office and the bank. NOW you can focus on growing your business!

How it works with QuickBooks

Set it up once, and get back to growing your business The app integrates your NOWaccount seamlessly with QuickBooks Online. Once your account is set up, NOWaccount automatically starts processing invoices for your selected customers within minutes. Journal entries are booked for you, and payments are routed directly to your bank account.


For each of your selected customers, you choose whether to:
• Get paid immediately and offload customer repayment risk
• Guarantee payment with no payment acceleration, or
• Process payments as usual with no change in timing or risk.

Trying to scale your business? Use NOWaccount to get paid immediately for a low, one-time service fee. Your business and government customers still get your invoice with terms. You get your actual revenue, fast. It feels like you took a credit card for payment and costs the same or less.

Apply online for free. $250 annual membership fee is waived for the first three months for QuickBooks Online users. Choose from three payment options:

Immediate Payment
One-time, flat fee of 3.00% -3.50% N/A Flat, one-time fee based on the stated invoice terms, not when or if your customer pays: Invoice terms up to net30=3.00%, net60=3.25%, net90=3.50%.

1.00% surcharge for customers outside the US & Canada. Minimum fee of $5.00 per transaction.
Guaranteed Payment
One-time, flat fee of 1.25% N/A Get paid when your customer pays, but if they don’t pay, NOWaccount guarantees full payment for 1.50%.

Add 1.00% surcharge for customers outside the US & Canada. Minimum fee of $5.00 per NOWaccount transaction.
Traditional Payment
$5.00 per invoice N/A Get paid when/if your customer pays for a flat $5 lockbox administration fee, with no acceleration or guarantee of payment. Available for one-off invoices that don’t require Immediate Payment or Guaranteed Payment.

NOWaccount team members are available to help you Monday-Friday from 8am-5pm Eastern Time. Contact us at 1-855-966-9435 ext 2 or An online Help Guide is available at

1-855-966-9435 ext 2
Online support:


How do you approve companies for a NOWaccount?
NOWaccount and NOW Network Membership is available to approximately 60% of the businesses in the US. Client approval is based on a company’s Small Business Financial Exchange ( credit score, which is managed by Dun & Bradstreet. A contractual relationship with D&B is not required. NOWaccount does not collect or review personal credit scores, and no personal guarantees are required. The application takes just minutes to complete, and you will receive a response in 1 business day.
What happens if my customer is not approved for use with my NOWaccount?
When you set up your NOWaccount, you’ll submit the names and addresses of your selected customers. (You can add additional customers at any time.) NOWaccount typically approves more than 90% of customer credit requests on businesses from 150 countries. Customers need a minimum of six months in business to qualify. If your customer credit request is not approved, you can still use your NOWaccount with other approved customers, and you now have information to better manage your risk exposure.
What happens if my approved customer is late paying their invoice?
We recognize that invoices are rarely paid within the stated terms—that’s why we exist! You can monitor your customers’ payment behavior through our client interface, and we suggest you continue to reach out to your customers to encourage payment, as the sooner the dollars come in the sooner you can put them back to work again! If an invoice becomes seriously delinquent, you will no longer be able to use NOWaccount with that customer, and the customer may be subject to collections.
What happens if my customer does not pay?
If your customer doesn’t pay due to a legitimate dispute (products/services were not delivered as agreed) you are responsible for resolving the dispute by delivering the products/services or issuing a credit memo to the customer. If a credit memo is issued, you are responsible for repaying NOW for the full invoice amount. If your customer doesn’t pay through no fault of your own, NOW will initiate collection actions unless you opt to repurchase the invoice from NOW to prevent collection actions.