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nVision Mobile is the preferred sales tool for sales reps in the field. Create orders, look up customers, update contacts and check stock information. nVision Mobile works both on online and offline, synchronizing data with QuickBooks.


Look up your customers, view order history, browse visits and look up the location of the customer. The Customer Module contains all your customers from QuickBooks. For each customer you can look up their general information, notes, and contact details. A brief overview of the account gives you a summary of the financials for each customer. You can view the orders and visits history of each customer and locate the customer on a Google Map.


Search and view products, browse photos and access stock information. The Product Module gives you up-to-date information on all products. Product details include item number, barcode, dimensions and notes. Each product can have multiple images assigned and can be viewed in full screen.


Manage and register customer visits. Visits allow you to keep track of information regarding your customers. Each visit is encoded with a timestamp, user information and a GPS location.


Search, view and create orders on the fly. The Order Module gives you a fast and seamless ordering process. You can easily browse through products with your customer and add products while looking at the product photos in the Gallery. You can change delivery address, add sales references and group the individual orders. Order groups allow you to select an order group, category and type for each order. Your customers can sign the order right on the screen.



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Free 30 day trial, no CC required. Prices range from $39.00 per user, per month.

nVision Mobile Professional - Annual $39.00 per user, per month 1 Cost per user, per month, paid annually.
nVision Mobile Professional - Monthly $49.00 per user, per month 1 Cost per user, per month, paid monthly.

If you need support, please write an email to support@nvisionmobile.com. We'll do our best to respond to emails within 24 hours.


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Does this app work offline?
Yes, data is synchronized to the iPad when it is connected to the Internet.