OneStop Reporting

Financial reporting, forecasting and consolidation for Accountants

Key benefits

  • With OneStop Reporting, you can automate reporting routines to your clients. This means saved time and saved costs. By utilizing the powerful components of OneStop Reporting, accounting firms can expand service offerings to clients.
  • What really makes OneStop Reporting unique as opposed to other reporting solutions, is our Excel-based Report Designer. This enables you to build customized reports and budgets in a very familiar environment.
  • In addition to supporting different reporting needs, OneStop Reporting offers budgeting and forecasting processes at the client level. Using the Workflow module, you or your clients can set up and monitor a complete budgeting process.

How it works with QuickBooks

All the reporting tools at your fingertips. OneStop Reporting and QuickBooks Online integration gives you a powerful solution for financial reporting, budgeting, forecasting and consolidation. The predefined scheduled data transfer ensures that QuickBooks Online users always access up-to-date figures. Give your clients access to our user-friendly cloud portal with a modern and intuitive design where they easily log in and view all of their reports.


OneStop Reporting offers a complete reporting and budgeting solution integrated with QuickBooks Online and a wide range of other ERP systems. But most important, OneStop Reporting includes an Excel-based Report Designer which makes the solution unique compared to other reporting tools on the market. This, in combination with functionality specifically designed to support reporting processes for accountants and accounting firms, makes OneStop Reporting a product that can help accounting firms expand their services and offerings to their clients and, thus, contributing to increased growth and profitability for the accounting firm.

30 day free trial, no credit card required, plans start at $32/mo.

Full access $ 32 Unlimited Full access to all modules: Reporting, Budgeting/Forecasting, Workflow and Consolidation. Unlimited users that can design report- and budget templates.
Additional companies $ 6 1 Add additional companies/clients to your solution.
OSR eLearning $ 6 1 Get access to our eLearning platform OSR eLearning, and learn how to create your own customized reports, budgets and forecasts.

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Why should I use this app when QuickBooks Onlinealready offers standard reporting features?
OneStop Reporting offers a wide range report- and budget templates. In addition, accountants can design customized reports with our powerful Excel-based report designer tool which is fully integrated with QuickBooks Online.
Can I give access to clients?
Yes! Notifications are received by clients who easily can access and view their reports and key-figures on all platforms.
Do you integrate fully with QuickBooks Online?
Yes! We import all accessible data from QuickBooks Online, enabling you to work with accurate data from our solution.
I'm not an accounting firm. Is OneStop Reporting for me?
Yes! OneStop Reporting is a financial reporting and budgeting solution that meets all your reporting requirements - for all industries and sizes.