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NimbleSchedule is an intuitive, web-based workforce management solution that provides immediate benefits by reducing labor costs, improving communications and maximizing productivity. Our speedy solution offers best-of-class functionality.

Schedule view

Create schedules easily with alerts for overtime

Clock in/out from anywhere

Clock in/out from multiple sources. With NimbleSchedule's flexible time clock, employees can clock in via mobile app, web, phone call, text message. Fingerprint support is also available for Windows devices.


Manage multiple locations from one dashboard

Integrates with QuickBooks

Easily send employee timesheets to QuickBooks removing the need for manual entry and reducing the possibility of data entry errors.

Schedule view
Clock in/out from anywhere
Integrates with QuickBooks

As low as $1 per employee/month

Standard $1.10 per employee/month, paid monthly or $1.00 per employee/month, paid annually 9 Pay only for as many employees as you need. Custom pricing plans available for more than 100 employees.

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How Do I Approve Time Sheets?
To approve time sheets, navigate to the Time Clock tab and select Timesheet. This will present a list of time punches for the selected date range. You can then click on the "Approve All" button to approve all entries or click on the check mark next to each time punch to approve the entry. Note that approved time punches have a green check mark while un-approved ones are gray. If you need to make any edits to the time punch, click on the "pencil" icon to make changes.
How Do I Sync My Schedule With Google Calendar?
To sync your schedule with Google Calendar, please go to "My schedule" and you will notice a Google icon on the top left corner. Click on this icon to authenticate with Google and once this is done, you will notice a new "NimbleSchedule" calendar in your Google Calendar.
Why Can't I Clock-In?
To allow employees to clock-in before their scheduled time, please go to the Time Clocking section under settings and check the "Allow employees to clock in before their scheduled time" setting. In addition to this, the schedule has to be published. In other words, if you create a schedule for an employee and the schedule has not been published, the employee will not be able to clock in.