Load Orders from Amazon, NewEgg, Walmart, GSA Advantage, FedMall

Key benefits

  • Streamline your orders from multiple commercial and Government marketplace into QuickBooks Online. New orders and client will automatically appear in your QuickBooks account
  • Following Government marketplaces are supported: GSA Advantage, FedMall Following Commercial marketplaces are supported: Amazon, Walmart and NewEgg
  • No more manual data entry will be needed. Instead, all your sales orders will be automatically loaded in your QuickBooks account. Our experts will support you with training sessions and phone support.

How it works with QuickBooks

You need to go to Price Reporter website to activate the service at http://www.pricereporter.com/qbonline.php. On the website you will be able to choose appropriate marketplaces to be integrated with and enter your QuickBooks account information to synchronize the data. As soon as setup is completed the system will pull your orders from all marketplaces you’ve chosen and new orders will appear in your QuickBooks account.


Price Reporter Order Arrow is an advanced and easy-to-use cloud based platform designed for multi-channel retailers and drop shippers who want to automate Order Management process. Order Arrow automates and streamlines all stages of order flow including invoicing, bill payment, order fulfillment and order tracking


Price Reporter

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No subscription fee, no setup, no monthly fee. We offer 30 days trial. If you like the application, you will be billed at the end of each calendar month only $0.99 per each order you processed.

Orders Download 0.99 per order Unlimited $0.99 per each order you processed.


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How often my orders will be downloded
Every hour