Take back control. Supplier management on your mobile phone.

Key benefits

  • Reduce ordering time significantly: OWNA consolidates all of your products into one order sheet. You can order from one or more suppliers at any time. Or you can filter by Supplier, Brand or Category.
  • Track invoice discrepancies at delivery: OWNA can track any receiving discrepancies by comparing the users order with the received invoice. Take a photo of the invoice, and we'll let you know of any discrepancies against the order.
  • Requesting quotes has never been easier: Send your suppliers a list of items to quote and they'll receive a link to your quote request. When they submit the quote, you'll be notified straight away. We even let you compare quotes between suppliers.

How it works with QuickBooks

Never miss another invoice discrepancy again, OWNA will do the hard work for you. Invoices can be read by our technology, notifying the user of any discrepancies on a received invoice. Price changed? We'll get it. Over supplied? We'll get it. Not supplied? We'll get that one too. Once an invoice has been sent to QuickBooks, you can be confident that any discrepancies have been handled prior to receiving them. In addition to a standard invoice integration, we also provide you with the emailed correspondance between OWNA and the supplier and the invoice image.


OWNA is a supplier management app that helps you manage new and existing suppliers through your mobile device. If you're on your feet more than your seat, then we're the app for your business. We simplify and enhance your supplier-facing work processes. We help you to request quotes, compare pricing, order goods, manage discrepancies, and integrate with your favourite accounting software. OWNA puts you back in control, helping to save you time, money and give you more time to concentrate on your core job. We invite you to download the app and enjoy your free 30 day trial.



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Tiered Subscription Plans Starting From $15 US Dollars

Basic $15 US Dollars 5 Perfect for small businesses that want to share OWNA with a couple of employees.
Standard $40 US Dollars 15 Perfect for slightly larger businesses that need OWNA for a larger team.
Premium $99 US Dollars 30 Perfect for large businesses that need OWNA within large teams and across different business units.

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Where do I start with OWNA?
I know OWNA looks a little hard to use at first, but it'll all make sense after a little usage. The best place to start understanding OWNA is by selecting 'How To Use' within the app. After this, we'll be keeping in regular contact by email, giving you tips on how to get the most out of OWNA.
Can you extend my free trial?
It depends on how much you've used OWNA. If you start using OWNA on 'Day 1', use all the functionality, but just want to use it a little longer then we can't extend your trial. If you haven't had the time to use OWNA , then we can definitely help. Just email us, and we'll extend it by 15 days.
I just want to use OWNA for ordering, do I have to use all the other functions?
We developed OWNA with the intention of simplifying the process between procuring goods, all the way through to payment. Put simply, it's a complete supplier management tool. If you just want to use it to save time with ordering, then you're still saving time and money.
How many people can I invite to participate during my trial?
5. The OWNA trial mimics our 'Basic' plan. If you need anything more than this, please contact us with your details and we'll be in touch.