Improve employee financial wellness with Timely Earned Wage Access and much more

Key benefits

  • Improve Employee Financial Wellness Timely access to earned wages between paychecks allows employees to manage their bills and handle urgent expenses without stress. Employees can access 50% or up to $500 of earned wages instantly.
  • Retain and Recruit Better Retention among PayActiv users is 30% better because employees are less stressed about overdue bills. They are more focused and do well in their job. New hires can start using the service from day one of employment.
  • Zero Cost to Employers, Ease of Use for Employees There is no setup or recurring cost to the employer. Employees can access their earned wages anytime from the ease of their phone or web browser. No card or bank account is required.

How it works with QuickBooks

PayActiv is fully integrated with QuickBooks. Once you subscribe, your employees can enroll and start using the services via the PayActiv phone app or website. Services include, earned wage access, saving tools, bill pay, financial counseling, financial literacy, Rx discounts, and more.

There is no cost to enroll or cancel. Only name, employee ID and phone number are required.

Employees get all financial services including instant access to earned wages for a nominal fee up to $5 per pay period only if services are used. Employers can subsidize the fee for their employees.


PayActiv is the industry leader in employee financial wellness services. We enable employers to offer instant and timely access to earned but unpaid wages to their employees, an award-winning, socially responsible service proven to improve employee financial wellness as well improve employee retention. It is suited for businesses of all sizes. Services include, earned wage access, intelligent budgeting and savings, financial counseling and financial literacy, and discounts. We serve 1.4 million associates of Walmart, plus hundreds of businesses in retail, aging care, healthcare, restaurants and other service industries.


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Please send us an email at, OR call us at 1(877)YES-MYMO 1(877)937-6966. We are open between 8:00 am - 8:00 pm 7 days a week.

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How much an employer pays to offer PayActiv benefit to its employees?
Its Free of cost for the employers.
Who can enroll and use PayActiv?
PayActiv is offered through employers. All employees are eligible for businesses that offer PayActiv to their employees.