PaymentEvolution Payroll and Payments

Modern Payroll, Business Payments and Benefits for your growing business


PaymentEvolution integrates with your QuickBooks Online profile to automate payroll, business payments and manage employee benefits. Trusted by thousands of businesses across Canada

PaymentEvolution Business Payments

Pay any open invoice electronically - integrated with QuickBooks

PaymentEvolution Payroll

Pay your staff and stay compliant with the CRA

PayChequer - mobile employee self service

Staff can manage their own pay history, tax slips and benefits - from their mobile device

PaymentEvolution Business Payments
PaymentEvolution Payroll
PayChequer - mobile employee self service

Just $22/month (annual rate)

Business Plan $22/month 25 Full featured payroll for up to 25 employees. Everything is included (T4, T4A, RL1, ROEs etc). Plan includes business payments for only 85¢ per transaction
Business+ Plan Just $1.50 / employee / pay run 500 Full featured payroll for businesses with more than 25 employees. Plan includes advanced payroll, direct deposit and business payments. Everything is included (T4, T4A, RL1, ROEs etc)

Support is available online, via email and via phone


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What can I do with PaymentEvolution?
With PaymentEvolution, you can securely process employee payroll, contractor payments and you can pay any outstanding bill in your QuickBooks Online profile electronically - direct to any bank account in Canada. With our integrated benefits management, you can provide employees health, dental and other insurance programs. We're Canada's most loved payroll, payments and benefits provider.
Can I pay anyone in any province?
Yes! We support all provinces and territories (including Québec). We'll even produce your year end tax slips (T4, T4A, RL1)
What about paying contractors?
No need to issue paper cheques anymore - you can pay vendors, contractors and suppliers easily with PaymentEvolution. We'll even generate a year end tax slip (T4A) if needed.
Do you support direct deposit with any bank?
All financial institutions in Canada are supported