Batch invoicing for all business types. Bill faster, get paid sooner.

Key benefits

  • Batch invoicing that supports any business and is list driven gets your billing out to your customers faster without errors saving you time and money. Try Sample Jobs that run on any company to get you up and running fast. ProAdvisor friendly!
  • PerpetualInvoice lets you describe the resource (designator) that generates revenue for you and assigns customers to each resource providing a manageable list for accurate billing and a history of the customers and revenue generated. Accountant ready
  • provides an Item engine that models nearly any price. Extending the Item calculations to provide min/max quantities, variable rates, classes plus Rules gives you the ultimate in item pricing. Utilizes Excel for custom calculations, readings.

How it works with QuickBooks provides a comprehensive interface to QuickBooks Online including: customers, items, invoices and companies. Accounts on have the ability to create and edit the above mentioned objects in QuickBooks Online. The login/access capability is ideal for Pro Advisors and Users that have access to multiple QuickBooks Online companies. Collaborate internally by adding your staff to the account. Creation and edits to objects in QuickBooks Online are real-time and bi-directional. Batch jobs in run completely remotely from QuickBooks Online.

Details's mission is to create large numbers of invoices in QuickBooks Online, quickly and automatically. This saves you labor, gets invoices out fast for improved cash flow and reduces customer service through better quality. Jobs are created and managed using customer and item lists. The designator customer list invoices against the current customer and maintains a billing history by customer by designator. Designators are the units of revenue producing entities; service addresses, lot numbers, apartment numbers, etc. Items in QuickBooks Online can be extended in to include min/max qtys and amounts, variable rates, classes...more!



Terms and Conditions
Privacy Policy offers a FREE evaluation. Pricing plans are available for Single-User, Company-User and Unlimited User.

Single-User $0.65/invoice USD from 1- 499 invoices per month, $325/month USD for no of invoices > 500 per month (up to 3500 transactions per month). 1 Single-User Plan provides one-user one-company access to to create and execute an unlimited number of Customer, Item and Job lists to create new invoices in QuickBooks Online.
Company-User $750/month USD 10 A company user account can add up to 10 account Users and up to 10 QuickBooks Online companies to interface and manage an unlimited number of invoices (up to 3500 transactions per month).
Unlimited-User $1,000/month USD (up to 3500 transactions per month). Unlimited The unlimited plan provides the customer with no limits on Users, list and companies.

Spicer-Baer Associates provides unlimited email support for all Users of and Telephone support plans are available upon request.

Online support:


What is the easiest way to create and run batch jobs?
The Standard Job: create a customer list, an Item list and run the job. More versatile and powerful job types are available. Try our sample jobs which work with any logged in company.
What does do for batch invoicing that I can't do in QuickBooks Online?
QuickBooks Onlne doesn't address batch invoicing seriously. It doesn't track against the revenue source, doesn't extend Item attributes, doesn't interact with external data and calculations, doesn't combine lists into jobs and so on.
What if my batch of hundreds of invoices contains bad data?
Been there, done that! The Job Log engine has a "Delete All" feature.
I might need help. Who can help me?
We can help get you started and there are QuickBooks Online Pro Advisors who can support you. Once your job(s) is modeled and running you can handle the rest yourself and we'll still be there to help you! We've been in the software business since the year 2000 and customer support is a 24x7 life style for us!