Comprehensive sales and account management platform for QuickBooks Online


PipelineDeals is a sales & account management platform for small & medium-sized businesses to accelerate revenue growth. Used by more than 3700 businesses. PipelineDeals was named a CRM Leader & received a top customer service award from G2 Crowd.

Seamlessly Handoff Your Won Deals

Reduce friction and improve efficiency in your business by integrating PipelineDeals with QuickBooks Online. The integration allows your sales team to seamlessly handoff won deals to be invoiced. Create new QuickBooks Customers from PipelineDeals data and stop entering data twice with our QuickBooks integration.

Bring Your Sales Pipeline to Life

We designed PipelineDeals to give your sales team certainty to know the next best step to take with your sales. Our features deliver plenty of power to manage your sales process and learn from your data, but they never waste your time with unnecessary complexity.

Nurture Relationships Through Your Full Customer Life Cycle

We help you organize everything you need to know about each of your ongoing deals, helping you and the team know more. Use our custom task templates to build your sales process and account management workflows into the app. Current tasks and events for all deals are displayed on your home page so you always know what you need to get done next.

Read Your Prospect’s Mind With Email Tracking Tools

PipelineDeals provides tracking across all your sales communications. Discover when a prospect views your email, clicks on a link your shared, or reads the attachment you sent. We let you know when you’re top of mind so that you can prioritize your time and know when to connect.

Keep Selling On the Go With Mobile Apps

Selling on the go is a fact of life for most sales teams. With Pipelinedeals, you can access your sales pipeline from an iPhone, Android device, or tablet with no extra costs.

Keep Your Team In Sync

Improve your sales team collaboration and performance with our platform. PipelineDeals eliminates redundancy, delays, and confusion by organizing all your team’s collective knowledge in one place and providing a framework for collaborative sales efforts.

Seamlessly Handoff Your Won Deals
Bring Your Sales Pipeline to Life
Nurture Relationships Through Your Full Customer Life Cycle
Read Your Prospect’s Mind With Email Tracking Tools
Keep Selling On the Go With Mobile Apps
Keep Your Team In Sync

14 day free trial, no credit card required, plans start at $24 per user per month. Receive 10% discount for paying annual pricing.

Standard Plan $24/user/month 1 Intuitive CRM for lead and deal management with reporting on business growth.
Accelerator Plan $48/user/month 1 Standard Plan plus sales acceleration tools to increase sales rep performance with email tracking, sales process automation, and management reporting

At PipelineDeals, we take your success personally. That’s why our phones are answered by real people who know PipelineDeals inside and out. We offer free US Based phone, email, and live chat support from 8AM ET - 8PM ET, Monday - Friday. Knowledge based articles, support widget, video tutorials, and instructional webinars are included for free with any PipelineDeals account.


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Can I trial PipelineDeals?
Yes! We offer a free 14-day trial. No credit card is required to start your trial and you can cancel your trial at anytime. You get the full version of the product during the trial so that you know what it will be like once you’re a PipelineDeals customer.
How secure is my data with PipelineDeals?
We use industry best practices to establish and maintain a secure online experience. And we always remember that your data is your data. We never touch your data without your explicit permission, and we make it easy to export it whenever you want.
What if I need help? Do I have to pay for support?
PipelineDeals offers free support for every user, including free trial users! Our U.S. based customer care ambassadors are available on the phone from 8AM ET - 8PM ET, via email, or live chat. We also have videos, webinars, and knowledge base articles that are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Who uses PipelineDeals?
PipelineDeals is sales and account management software built for small and midsize businesses. Many of our customers are account-based or contract-based sales teams, including specialty service contractors, sub-contractors, creative marketing agencies, software companies, and more. We provide all the power that you need to grow your revenue without the unnecessary clutter of more cumbersome CRM.