Practice Ignition

The #1 tool for the modern accounting practice


Create intelligent proposals that automate your practice and build client relationships. On-board clients, deploy workflows, manage recurring invoices & payments.


Quickly create proposals with automatically generated engagement letters. What used to take hours now takes a few minutes.

  • Create in real time & track progress
  • Engagements linked to proposals
  • Full pricing control
  • Client tracking
  • Auto generate engagement letters with multiple templates
  • Rollovers


Accept bank transfers and credit card payments with Practice Ignition completely removing the admin associated with payments.

  • Tied to your proposals
  • Reconciliations

Client Management + Collaboration

Full lifecycle lead management. See and track the proposal state, email opens, total value and acceptance details at a glance. Nurture your client relationships & consolidate communication.

  • Leads
  • Important + Manage
  • Web Connector
  • Comments
  • Notifications


Gain total visibility over your practice on our intuitive and engaging dashboard. You can track your firm's monthly revenue, view all the corresponding payments, and analyze your client base growth like never before, all on one easy to understand page. This level of visibility enables you to easily track business growth, predict future trends, and take smarter decisions.

Client Management + Collaboration

Engage your whole client base from as little as 35c per client.

Mars AUD$79/mo billed annually or AUD$99/mo 2 Up to 100 active clients
Neptune AUD$199/mo billed annually or AUD$249/mo 5 Up to 500 active clients
Saturn AUD$399/mo billed annually or AUD$499/mo 0 Up to 1000 active clients
Jupiter AUD$699/mo billed annually or AUD$899/mo 20 Up to 2000 active clients

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What is an engaged client?
An engaged client is someone that has accepted a proposal with Practice Ignition for any given month. Most commonly an engaged client will represent a single business, legal entity or person. A client will remain actively enagaged for the period of the proposal
Do I get billed for imported clients or for non accepted or deleted proposals?
No, we only bill for a client once they have accepted a proposal that has been created through Practice Ignition.
What if a client has multiple proposals?
You can create as many proposals for a client as you like and you will only get billed once per month for that client.
What happens after my trial?
You can upgrade your account by entering your credit card at any time during your trial. If you do reach the end of your trial your account will be put on hold until you enter payment details (or decide to cancel). While your account is on hold no data is deleted and any previously sent proposals can still be accepted by your clients but they will not generate invoices or deploy workflows.