All your Online channels, Retail stores and Inventory are now synchronized!

Key benefits

  • Multichannel Inventory Management Software - Primaseller allows you to control and manage your inventory across multiple locations and synchronize it real time across online marketplaces like Amazon, WebStores, your retail stores and B2B sales.
  • Automated Purchase Ordering - Trigger Purchase orders to be created for your suppliers at re-order points or on back-orders. Avoid running out of inventory and focus on building more customers with the time saved.
  • Simple Multi-Location POS Software - Use Primaseller for your in-store billing to synchronize inventory across all stores. Save on all the extra money you spend paying third party POS Software.

How it works with QuickBooks

Primaseller will automatically sync your invoices and payments along with customer details into QuickBooks. Invoices from each store, your website as well as marketplaces will be represented by a class which helps you analyze your sales better on QuickBooks Online. Primaseller also syncs all your POs and Purchase Receipts (Bills) into QuickBooks. We support multi-currency sales to be converted to your base currency. No more manual entries - simplify your life with Primaseller.


Primaseller is the all-in-one solution for all your retail and online sales needs. We integrate marketplaces, your website and offline stores so you can manage orders and inventory from one platform including your B2B sales. Our features include inventory management, POS software, order management and fulfillment, B2B order management, integrated shipping management, integration with QuickBooks Online and more. Get the Primaseller app now to avail our 14-day free trial to give it a spin and see for yourself the convenience it brings to your business.

14 day free trial with no credit card required to sign up. Simple pricing starting at $59 per month.

Beginner $59 3 Simple plan for small sellers with upto 5,000 SKUs, 300 online orders and a single retail store. Additional Stores can be added as add-ons at $49 per store.
Professional $99 10 Our most popular plan for retailers with upto 10,000 SKUs ,900 online orders and 2 retail stores. Additional Stores can be added as add-ons at $49 per store.
Advanced $299 20 For large merchants with upto 3000 online orders per month, 30,000 SKUs and 5 retail stores. Packs additional powerful features like Automatic Purchase Ordering.
Enterprise On Quote 1000 Primaseller can handle enterprises with a large catalog and thousands of orders a month. Contact us at to get a quote.

We provide 24/7 Chat and Email Support. It's what we are best at!

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Will I need to create products and customers in QuickBooks from my online Sales?
Primaseller will automatically create products, suppliers and customers from Primaseller into QuickBooks.
Do you help collect payments from customers?
yes, we are integrated with Stripe and Square for payment collection from your customers via an email or also for you to directly enter their card details.