Automated Revenue Recognition and SaaS Reporting


ProRata simplifies and automates revenue recognition for subscription-based businesses. ProRata also gives you access to revenue-based reporting and SaaS metrics.

Fits into your current workflow

ProRata automates deferred revenue journal entries for revenue recognition. Simply import your transactions and ProRata handles the rest. You can choose to have ProRata be fully or semi automated. ProRata can also handle different billing frequencies such as monthly, quarterly and annual billing terms.

Revenue Reporting

ProRata gives you access to revenue reporting essential to SaaS subscription businesses such as Revenue, Deferred Revenue, Earned Revenue, ARR, MRR, SaaS combined report, Billings and more.

SaaS Metrics and Dashboards

ProRata's dashboard gives you a live snapshot into your company's most important SaaS metrics such as MRR, ARR, Customer Lifetime Value, Churn and more.

Fits into your current workflow
Revenue Reporting
SaaS Metrics and Dashboards



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ProRata offers flexible pricing plans based on the number of customers entered into ProRata.

Customer based pricing $3000/year and up 50 ProRata's pricing is based on the number of customers with current revenue. You only pay for customers you import into ProRata with current revenue.

ProRata includes support via our docs site and through in-app chat.


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Can I add as many users in ProRata as I want?
Yes. Each account allows you to create as many users as you need to.
How long does it take to implement ProRata?
Setup and configuration typically takes between 30 minutes and an hour. You will have access to our help articles and videos as well as a guided implementation session with a ProRata expert.