MailChimp by OneSaas

Automatically add your QuickBooks Online contacts to MailChimp

Key benefits

  • Save time and money by automatically sharing data:
    OneSaas helps you connect your business apps to automate your business across accounting, ecommerce, billing & invoicing, CRM, fulfilment, inventory management and email marketing

  • Sell in multiple channels and keep stock levels current:
    OneSaas allows you to connect multiple sales channels to a single accounting and ensures stock levels are up to date in all – sell on your site and marketplaces

  • Eliminate human error from manual data entry and short cuts:
    OneSaas automates all data related to your quotes, orders, invoices, payments and receipts, including all line items, related products, stock updates and customer details

How it works with QuickBooks

Connect MailChimp and QuickBooks Online, and automatically add your contacts to your MailChimp lists. No more manual entry, data transfers or copy and paste!


What does it do?

When a contact is created or updated in Quickbooks Online, I want:
To add the contact to list [a list] in MailChimp

When a vendor is created or updated in Quickbooks Online, I want:
To add the vendor to list [a list] in MailChimp



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Free 7-day trial

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Premium $49 /month 15 Connect up to 9 apps, up to 600 transactions /month
Unlimited $99 /month 15 Connect unlimited apps, with unlimited transactions /month

You can contact us by email. Or alternatively, check out our support center.

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Do I get a free trial?
Yes! You get a free 7-day trial, so you can get your apps connected and experience the benefits right away.
Are there any risks?
Trying OneSaas is completely risk free. No credit card is required to sign up, and you can cancel any time.
Will my data be safe?
Yes your data is absolutely safe and secure with OneSaas.
What support do you have?
We have a team of friendly support people dedicated to getting you setup and dealing with any issues you might have.