Construction Accounting for QuickBooks Online!

Key benefits

  • Paperless Routing and Approval of Vendor Invoices
    Invoices received from Vendors and Subcontractors are electronically routed to members of your company for approval.
  • Contract Compliance and Lien Waivers
    RedTeam facilitates tracking of insurance and lien waivers for your vendors and subcontractors.
  • Mobile App for Jobsite Photos, Team Contacts, Time and Expenses
    RedTeam app enables your employees to capture jobsite photos, access team contacts, and enter their time and expenses on the go.

How it works with QuickBooks

RedTeam connects to QuickBooks Online to provide a complete construction accounting platform for commercial construction contractors, including customer proposals, contracts, change orders (G701), schedules of value, AIA-style progress billing (G702/703), time and materials (T&M) billing, employee time and expenses, subcontracts, subcontract change orders, purchase orders, project budgets, job cost, estimated cost at complete, revenue recognition and work in progress (WIP) schedules.


Simple and Seamless Connection
For new QuickBooks Online users, RedTeam automatically establishes settings and creates accounts, products and services to which transactions will be posted to QuickBooks Online. Say the word “implementation” and you’ll already be up and running. If you’ve been on QuickBooks Online for a while, we can help you through any adjustments needed to start the connection.

If you are new to RedTeam, pick a plan to get started. No worries, we’ll make it easy and risk free!

Free 30 day trial of connection to QuickBooks Online.

RedTeam Trial Free 30-Day Trial. 1 RedTeam’s Trial includes team contacts, customer proposals, contracts, AIA-style change orders (G701), schedules of value, AIA-style progress billing (G702/703). Free 30-day trial connection to QBO. Access to video tutorials through the help center.
Construction Enterprise™ Call for quote. Unlimited Advanced features including CRM, estimating, bid solicitation, contracting, change management, project correspondence, RFIs, submittals, equipment management, field management apps and gantt scheduling. Options include Open API and Unlimited Mobile.

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Which plan is best for my commercial construction business?
RedTeam offers two plans to fit your business requirements. RedTeam for QuickBooks Online is for commercial contractors primarily focused on finding a construction accounting solution. RedTeam Construction Enterprise TM is for commercial contractors looking for a comprehensive and fully integrated platform for project management and construction accounting.
Who are the best candidates to use RedTeam for QuickBooks Online?
RedTeam for QuickBooks Online was built for commercial construction contractors and subcontractors, providing robust commercial construction features comparable or better than traditional construction accounting ERP solutions in the market today.
Who are the best candidates to use RedTeam Construction Enterprise?
RedTeam Construction Enterprise™ was built primarily for commercial general contractors, or subcontractors that “sub out” significant portions of their work to sub-subcontractors. RedTeam provides exceptional features for contracting and change management, essential for contractors at any tier responsible for complex delivery methods.
Can RedTeam be used with QuickBooks Desktop software?
Absolutely! RedTeam produces standard “IIF” export files that can be used to import all accounting related transactions from RedTeam directly in any QuickBooks Desktop software edition. QuickBooks Desktop users generally implement RedTeam first, then upgrade to QuickBooks Online at the beginning of their next fiscal accounting period.