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Key benefits

  • Keep track of your cash flow - When integrating QuickBooks with Rentigo, all tenant payments are added to your account automatically. You can issue tenants invoices, record bills and other expenses and make sure that your vendors are paid on time
  • Accountant Access. When using QuickBooks with Rentigo, you can give your accountant direct access to all your property accounting records, saving you and them time and work when it comes to filling out your tax returns.
  • Generate instant accounting reports. Using QuickBooks with Rentigo will allow you to create even more advanced accounting reports which will allow you to instantly track how your business is doing.

How it works with QuickBooks

In the account tab in your portal, click the QuickBooks logo under integration. You will be redirected to a login page prompting you to enter your Intuit QuickBooks login credentials. You will then receive a 6 digit verification code by email from QuickBooks. All that's left is to authorise data sharing between your Rentigo and QuickBooks account and to sync your tenants across. That's it! You should now be able to see all tenant payments and issue invoices at the click of a button.


Rentigos' unique system was designed with property managers and landlords in mind. Our system helps organize property management tasks by simplifying everything in one simple and user-friendly dashboard. Our ultimate goal, of helping you improve the way you manage your properties, is done by offering you everything you need in one place, from online rent collection to managing tenant maintenance requests.



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Why should I use Rentigo?
Rentigo is the latest property management solution created for property managers and landlords who want to easily collect rent and manage their properties online. Rentigo offers both a web portal and a mobile app, allowing you to complete your tasks anytime, from anywhere – making rent collection and communicating with your tenants easier than ever. Rentigo is a free software (always, regardless of the number of units you manage) and only collects payment processing fees. All property management
How do I sign up?
Opening an account with Rentigo is as easy as using it – simply go to our website’s Login section and sign up. Complete the online form, including all your contact details (email and mobile phone number), follow the registration steps (you will receive a text message with a verification code during sign up, so make sure to have your phone nearby), and at the end of the online form click “verify & continue”. That’s it – no need to worry about printing, signing, scanning and sending documents, onc