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Find rewards you could be earning with vendors who accept credit cards

Key benefits

  • Identifies vendors who accept cards. Not every business advertises accepting credit cards, but we know who does. Rewards Finder scans your vendors and lists opportunities to switch payments to Capital One Spark Business.
  • Calculates future rewards. Knowing how much you could be earning in rewards could change the way you do business. Rewards Finder generates a report that shows the possible rewards you could earn by switching payments to Capital One Spark Business.
  • Customizable Reporting. If you'd rather not pay on of your vendors using your credit card, you can hide that vendor from your report. Your final report provides you with the information you need to switch payments and start earning more rewards.

How it works with QuickBooks

Currently in beta, Rewards Finder from Capital One syncs with your QuickBooks Online account and scans purchases made at each of your vendors over the past year. Once we review your vendors, we identify who accepts credit cards. Then we calculate how much more rewards you could have earned if you had used your Capital One Spark Business credit card. To get started, you will be redirected to a Capital One page to securely log in with your Capital One credentials.


Rewards Finder could earn you hundreds to thousands of dollars each year by finding places where you could be earning cash back. Syncing only takes a few minutes, and you can run the scan as often as you like.


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Rewards Finder is free for all Capital One small business credit card customers.

Free Free N/A Rewards Finder is free for all Capital One small business credit card customers.

Rewards Finder is currently a customer beta. As such, we would appreciate all customers with questions and concerns to reach out to or use the "Help us improve" option on the website.

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Can I use Rewards Finder if I only have limited access to my company's QuickBooks account?
You do need to be an administrator on your QuickBooks account to use Rewards Finder. You can see your QuickBooks account access permissions in the QuickBooks Online account settings page.
How does Capital One protect my personal and business data?
We're committed to maintaining the privacy and security of your information so you can feel safe banking no matter where you are. - Our experts perform internal and external tests on all our applications and systems to safeguard your information. - We leverage multiple preventative and detective methods to mitigate risks and protect access to your information through a layered security program. To read more on our commitment visit:
What can Capital One see once I've synced my QuickBooks account?
We look at the information on your Bank Transactions page so we can run calculations for Potential Rewards. This includes purchases made on connected bank accounts to see where you're spending and how much you're spending, and your company information to verify your identity.
What do you do with my QuickBooks data?
We use your data to calculate the Rewards you could be earning and for analysis to improve the product.