Scan for QuickBooks Online

Easy to use document scanning directly to new expense transactions

Key benefits

  • Save Time Help eliminate the time it requires you to scan a document by directly scanning and eliminating the use of scanning applications.
  • Easy to Use Typical scan features are still applicable with your compatible imageFORMULA scanner, helping to automatically skip blank pages, crop pages, and de-skew images.
  • Create Searchable PDFs Automatically scans documents using your compatible imageFORMULA scanner and converts them to searchable PDF format with full text Optical Character Recognition (OCR).

How it works with QuickBooks

Scan for QuickBooks Online is a web application that gives your browser access to your imageFORMULA scanner without the need for specialized scan software. After scanning a document, such as a receipt, you can send it directly to your QuickBooks Online account as a new Expense transaction. When you view your new transaction your receipt will be attached as a pdf file.


Scan for QuickBooks Online is a scanning solution that saves time and improves productivity by providing seamless integration with QuickBooks Online. It enables users to scan files, such as invoices or receipts, directly to new Expense Transactions in QuickBooks Online with no scanning software needed. Along with direct scanning to QuickBooks Online, users are able to attach metadata, such as the target account, category and receipt amount, making each scan as efficient as possible. Scan for QuickBooks Online provides an easy to use method for users to directly store important expense transactions.

This project is pure software, and is provided for free. You can find the link to the web app from QuickBooks Online marketplace.

Free Free Unlimited Scan for QuickBooks Online is provided for free.

Supported imageFORMULA Scanners Include: P-215II, DR-C225, DR-C225W, DR-C240, DR-M140, DR-M160II, DR-M260 In order to use Scan for QuickBooks Online with your imageFORMULA scanner, the latest scanner driver must be installed. Visit and search for your imageFORMULA scanner model to download the latest driver.

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