SellerZen - Amazon Integration

Automatically import Amazon transactions into QuickBooks Online

Key benefits

  • Accurate, consistent, and reliable data entry (in near real-time as data becomes available) at a fraction of the cost of doing it manually.
  • Track your true profit on each sale with itemized expenses such as commissions and fees. Gain deeper insight into your profit and loss reports.
  • Get started with 100 FREE orders every month. No credit card required! Pay as you go after with no contracts, commitments, or plan limits.

How it works with QuickBooks

SellerZen is a cloud-based solution that connects your Amazon marketplaces to your QuickBooks Online company to import Amazon transactions and automatically create proper accounting documents.


SellerZen imports your Amazon transactions, such as orders, refunds, returns, reimbursements (for FBA sellers), and settlements into your QuickBooks.

Get started easily with our integration wizard, or get full control over how data is entered into your QuickBooks.

Commissions, fees, discounts, refunds, shipping charges, and taxes can be customized and mapped to the appropriate Quickbooks Online item or account, providing you with detailed and accurate reporting and accounting.



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Free 100 orders per month, no credit card required. Pay as you go after with no contracts, commitments, or plan limits.

Simple Billing Plan $0.05 Unlimited Per order imported

We're here to help you automate your Amazon business. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, concerns, or comments.

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How does pricing work with SellerZen?
Our usage-based billing model is simple. Once you use up your free 100 credits per month, you pay as you go per imported order with no contracts, commitments, or plan limits. You can cancel, pause, or resume anytime.

An imported order is counted when the first sales document is created for that order. Any additional documents related to the same order Id, such as refunds, or payments, do not count.
Do you support multicurrency or foreign currency?
Yes we do! To enable multicurrency support, you must enable it in your QuickBooks Online company.
Can I connect more than one Amazon marketplace to the same QuickBooks Online account?
You can connect an unlimited number of Amazon marketplaces to the same QuickBooks Online account.
Do you support sales tax in more than one state?
Our platform allows you to map sales tax from any state to the appropriate tax rate in your QuickBooks Online company.