Field Promax

Affordable Mobile Work Orders with streamlined Scheduling and Invoicing


Sync customers and items from QuickBooks, set up your technicians and begin scheduling work orders with ease. Dispatch to tech’s smartphones, monitor job statuses as they are updated remotely by techs, complete and post Invoices to QuickBooks

Sync Data with QuickBooks

Using separate systems to manage your business creates opportunities for errors and missed revenue! FieldPromax takes an integrated workflow approach to managing your service-based business. Sync customers and items from QuickBooks, create estimates and convert them into work orders and when the work is complete post and close to automatically generate an invoice in QuickBooks. Our tight status management controls prevents revenue leakage!

Easy & Fast Scheduling

Field Promax uses a simple, logical approach to building a work order and invoicing. You can schedule a work order as soon as you get a call from the customer in the office and on your mobile device. Check the availability of each technician before assigning the work order to them and add your service providers will be notified as soon as a work order is created for them.

Connected Team & Job Tracking

Stay connected with your field workers when they are on their jobs with our mobile apps. After the work order is assigned, your technicians will be notified via email and will be able to accept the job through the mobile app as well as update the job status. With our job status tracking module you will be updated on each job real time.

Manage Recurring Work

If you have clients that you visit on a recurring basis, create just one recurring work orders, select how often you want the work order to be generated and get busy with other, more important tasks. FieldPromax will generate work orders per selected frequency and will notify your service providers.

Manage Your Technicians’ Payments

Another big issue for field service company is tracking the billable hours of your service providers. With our Timecards module your service providers can clock in in the morning and clock out at the end of the working day right from their mobile apps and you will know how much to pay them for each day.

Manage Your Work on Any Device

Mobility is crucial for any field service business. FieldPromax is available on any mobile device as well as PC. Create work orders, estimates, get signature from your customer and post invoices to QuickBooks from any device saving time and money with FieldPromax.

Sync Data with QuickBooks
Easy & Fast Scheduling
Connected Team & Job Tracking
Manage Recurring Work
Manage Your Technicians’ Payments
Manage Your Work on Any Device


Field Promax

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Who is FieldPromax for?
Any company, no matter their size and industry, can use FieldPromax for their work order management.
Will I need to set up customers and products in Field Promax?
No, upon setting up your account, you can sync your customers and products from QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Desktop.
How will my business benefit from FieldPromax?
FieldPromax will allow you and your staff to get more done in less time. Daily tasks will be completed more accurately. Employees will be more productive. Your relations with your customers will be easier and better organized. No more printed invoices, work orders on the printed forms. FieldPromax is FAST, EASY, PAPERLESS. All this will lead to higher profits for you.
Are there any system requirements?
As it is a web-based software, Internet connection is the only thing you will need to use our work order management solution.