Fast, Easy shipping labels for QuickBooks orders! With Discount Postage.


Look up rates, compare rates, get discounted postage, and print shipping labels. Import orders from ecommerce, print shipping labels, packing lists and customs forms for UPS, FedEx and the US Postal Service. Advanced shipping & export features.

ShipRush Web Overview

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ShipRush is simple and full featured

Enter all shipping options. Use Presets to easily apply commonly used shipment options with one click.

Multi-carrier rate shopping

ShipRush lets you compare rates and delivery times across all your shipping accounts.

Centralized Ecommerce

See QuickBooks and ecommerce orders all in one place. No copy/paste or import/export. Even ship from Excel worksheets.

ShipRush Web Overview
ShipRush is simple and full featured
Multi-carrier rate shopping
Centralized Ecommerce



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Free for FedEx & UPS shipping, Discount Postage is $29.95/mo after free two month trial

FedEx, UPS & ClearPath for Export Shipping Free 20 Unlimited webstores, unlimited orders, unlimited shipping labels
ShipRush Discount Postage $29.95/month 20 2 months trial. Unlimited webstores, unlimited orders, unlimited shipping labels

ShipRush Support is available by email, chat, forum and phone. Support is free of charge.


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What is ShipRush Discount Postage?
It is discounted postage for Priority and Express Mail. It also allows First Class Packages up to 16oz in weight.
What is new in ShipRush Web?
ShipRush web is all the power of ShipRush, but works on PC, Mac, Tablet and more. Use your Zebra printer and scale on Mac and PC.
What is the ecommerce story in ShipRush Web?
ShipRush pulls in orders and sales receipts from QuickBooks, and lets you ship against them easily. It can also connect to ecommerce systems like eBay, Magento (and many others) to let you have integrated shipping with all your ecommerce channels.
What is ClearPath?
ShipRush has built in support for Pitney Bowes ClearPath. This lets you ship internationally as easily as a domestic shipment. No paperwork or export forms. It is very cost effective, and you prepay for all taxes and duties, so your customers are not surprised.