Simple software for custom shops

Key benefits

  • shopVOX Manufacturing JobBoard, to tame your shop floor and tame the chaos during production.
  • Quick birds eye view of which job is at which stage or production, who is currently working on it, which steps have been completed and by which operator.
  • Included comes with shopVOX Go App to quickly scan the QR code of the Job Ticket and process the job to track the actual time taken to process a particular step in the workflow.

How it works with QuickBooks

Cloud based workflow software to help get more done and on time. Once you connect to QuickBooks (Desktop or Online), you can create jobs (for production management with workflows) in shopVOX Manufacturing JobBoard and manage the production.


shopVOX Manufacturing JobBoard, is a quick extension to your QuickBooks Online/Desktop to manage your production, just like Trello but lot better and built for manufacturing.


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shopVOX Manufacturing JobBoard starts at $10/Month per user to be able to login to one machine at the same time.

shopVOX Manufacturing JobBoard $10/login/month 1 shopVOX Manufacturing JobBoard starts at $10/Month per user to be able to login to one machine at the same time.

Live 24x5 in-app chat support as well as email support by emailing


Online support:


What versions of QuickBooks does shopVOX support?
We support QuickBooks Online and Windows desktop versions. (2010 and up)
Can multiple people login with the same user information?
No. Each user can only be signed into shopVOX in one place at a time. Logging into another device with the same user information will log off of the other device. Additional users are $10/mo for shopVOX Manufacturing JobBoard
Are there pricing features in shopVOX Manufacturing JobBoard?
No. shopVOX Manufacturing JobBoard is a production tool only. Pricing features are found in our PRO version.
Is there a free trial?
Yes we offer a free 14 day trial for shopVOX Manufacturing JobBoard