SpeedIn - Check in your members

A check-in app for your QuickBooks customers

Key benefits

  • Manage your members and their payments in QuickBooks and use SpeedIn as a check-in kiosk for your club or organization.

How it works with QuickBooks

SpeedIn provides a one-direction synchronization with QuickBooks, taking your member data stored in QuickBooks and updating SpeedIn so that you can check-in members daily or for events.


SpeedIn provides a way to check in members daily and for events. You can check in members by searching for their name or by using a key fob or card with an RFID scanner. SpeedIn is family-centric, allowing you to scan/search for a single family member and then check in everyone. SpeedIn also provides analytics for you to see trends in your check-ins.


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Get started for free and pay for only what you use.

Free Free 1 Our free plan allows you to try out SpeedIn with up to 50 members.
Plan Tiered $0.04 / member Unlimited A simple and low per member fee.
Plan Infinite $40+/month Unlimited Contact to discuss your unique needs


Online support:


How do you enter the membership type in QuickBooks?
SpeedIn currently gives you two options. You can enter the membership type in the "Other" or the "Company Name" field.
How do I set up a family in QuickBooks?
In QuickBooks a Member or Customer (depending on how you named them) can be set up as the child of another member. The parent is take to be the primary person for a family and is used as the basis for family-level information. Any child members are imported to the same family as the parent. To add a child to a parent in QuickBooks, you can drag that member to the parent and it should indent, showing that it's a child.