Data visualization for business finances. Instantly.

Key benefits

  • Understand Your Data in Seconds. Financial statements are cumbersome and time consuming. Visualize your data for quicker understanding. Financial reports have never been easier to digest.
  • Charts that Just Make Sense. You shouldn't need an accounting degree to understand your financials. Instantly replace your bulky financial statements with charts and graphs.
  • Easy client management for accountants and bookkeepers. Manage all your clients in one place. Connect multiple companies. Send messages to all of your clients.

How it works with QuickBooks

Startegy connects to QuickBooks Online and provides easy to understand, real-time analysis and reports of your financial data.


Collaborate with your team. Keep everyone on the same page. Add as many team members as you want. Celebrate milestones and achievements together.

Key Performance Indicators. Choose from a library of metrics to display on your main dashboard.

Secured protocol. We take the security of your data very seriously. We use 256-bit bank level encryption to secure your data.

Instant Refresh. Your changes in QuickBooks Online are immediately reflected in Startegy. No need to wait.



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Monthly $29/month Unlimited Connect a single company.
Accountants / Bookkeepers $17/month/company Unlimited Pay for each company you connect. Manage all your clients in one place.
10 Companies $10/company/month Unlimited Buy in increments of 10.
Whitelabel $12/company/month Unlimited Use your logo and domain. 20 company minimum. 12-month contract.

Feel free to contact us anytime at or call the number listed below. You can also visit our help center at

(415) 857-1381
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Is my data secure?
Very. Your data is protected in transit by a 256 bit encryption (bank level encryption) and is stored on high-security 3rd party servers. We regularly verify that the secure nature of the site is maintained.
What QuickBooks data is synced with Startegy?
Startegy pulls the historical balances of your accounts in order to provide analytics and reports of that data. We do not modify any of your data in QuickBooks.