TransferMate International Payments for QuickBooks

A Smarter Cheaper Way to Make Your Multi Currency Bill Payments.


Simply the smartest and cheapest way for QuickBooks users to make their multi currency payments. You save money by getting better exchange rates and lower fees than using your bank and save time by booking all of your payments in seconds.

Enter Your Bills Into QuickBooks Online

Simply enter bills as your normally would

Login to the Multi Currency Bill Payment App

Login and view all of your unpaid multi currency bills from QuickBooks

View Live Exchange Rates and lower fees which you can book

Our exchange rates and fees are always better than your bank. Book and pay multiple bills in seconds and watch as payments automatically post back to QuickBooks for you.

View Your Booking Confirmation

You will receive a booking receipt by email and also on screen to confirm payment has been booked. Your Payees also receive confirmation instantly

Enter Your Bills Into QuickBooks Online
Login to the Multi Currency Bill Payment App
View Live Exchange Rates and lower fees which you can book
View Your Booking Confirmation



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Free 0 1 This app is 100% free. Download and connect to QuickBooks to see how much easier it makes booking your international payments.Wire fees may apply however they will always besignificantly cheaper than using your bank.

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How can our business save money using this app?
Better exchange rates than the bank and significantly lower bank fees ensure that this app is guaranteed to save you money on every payment. Bank fees alone are 90% cheaper than using the bank
How can I sign up to get this app?
Simply register in seconds on and our team will send you all of the instructions you need to setup.
I normally use my bank. How can this app save me time?
using your bank you have to manually book each payment one by one with your bank and then rekey all payment details back to QuickBooks. With our addon you do it all once in one place in seconds.
How much does the app cost?
The app is 100% free. Where transfer fees apply, they will always beat your bank