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Powerful Inventory Management for QuickBooks Online


Unleashed is a simple to use inventory management system and multi-channel sales tool that helps businesses manage their suppliers, purchases, shipments, consignment stock, locations, warehouses, production (BOM) and sales through multiple channels.

Accurate Stock Count and Sales Margins

Don’t wait until the end of the month – with your inventory online you can see how your business is running in real-time from the live dashboard. Get up-to-the-minute stock numbers and sales margins in Unleashed, plus instant updates to QuickBooks Online when connected with our native integration. All transactions are processed immediately so you can make better business decisions.

Assembly and Bills of Materials

Unleashed's powerful kitting feature allows you to sell bundled products without having to pre-assemble them. With Unleashed’s kitting process you can track the value of the stock used, giving you an accurate cost of your finished goods. Easily create a Bill of Materials for what you’d like to sell, and then allow the auto-assembly feature to do all the work for you.

Purchase Orders with Average Landed Costs

Acquiring stock can result in more costs than just the purchase price. With Unleashed you can add additional costs, such as freight and duty, for each purchase order as you receive your goods. This means you know the true cost of your products, with an average landed cost calculated from your costs over time. If you are importing goods, any cost fluctuations are automatically incorporated into your margin management.

Flexible Order Fulfilment

Unleashed can seamlessly split a sale into multiple shipments when you don’t have all of the stock you need on hand. Get the stock that you do have out of the door to the customer, and simultaneously order the balance of goods. You can then ship the remaining items when you’re ready to complete the sale at a later date. It’s a complex inventory management process made easy.

Multiple Currencies For Multiple Locations

Unleashed helps you be global. Keep track of your stock across multiple warehouses and locations - different countries and cities are managed with ease. This lets you know what stock you have, and where. With our digital warehousing you can also manage consignments or quarantined inventory. Buy or sell in any currency, with all transactions converted to your base currency for accurate reporting - an absolute must for importing and exporting worldwide.

Accurate Stock Count and Sales Margins
Assembly and Bills of Materials
Purchase Orders with Average Landed Costs
Flexible Order Fulfilment
Multiple Currencies For Multiple Locations

Free 14 Day Trial, no credit card required. Plans start from US$99 per month.

Small $99/month 1 Unlimited SKU's | 1 Warehouse | 1 Currency | Unlimited Customers | Unlimited Suppliers
Medium $199/month 3 Everything in Small plus | Multiple Currencies | Multiple Warehouses | Multiple Integrations
Large $399/month 8 Everything in Medium plan plus | API Access | Access to University
Large Plus $699/month 20 Everything in Large plan plus more user for a better price.

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What does Unleashed offer that QuickBooks does not?
QuickBooks Online only offers light inventory management features. Unleashed provides a comprehensive inventory solution that is scalable and able to grow with your business. Inventory is our thing, and our sole focus is on building a smart inventory solution that, amongst other great features, can handle multi-currency, production and assembly, advanced order management and costed purchase orders.
How does Unleashed integrate with QuickBooks Online?
Integration is a quick and simple process that can be completed from the Unleashed integration store. Once integrated, Unleashed will send the following information to your QuickBooks Online account: customers and suppliers, purchases, sales and stock journals, credits and returns. *Please note there is no extra cost for this integration - you are only required to pay your regular subscription payments for QuickBooks Online and Unleashed.
Which type of business is Unleashed suitable for?
Unleashed is a powerful inventory solution for retail, eCommerce, manufacturers, wholesalers, and distributors - any business with a stock component. Seamless integration with online accounting, point-of-sale and e-commerce software enables users to have a complete end-to-end business management solution.
What subscription should I choose?
To determine which plan will be most suitable for your needs, please email sales@unleashedsoftware.com to set up a needs analysis meeting. We will then arrange a time to call you to discuss your requirements and recommend a plan, based upon the number of people who will be using Unleashed, how many warehouses you have, and the number of products you need to manage.