Logs QuickBooks data to Xooa blockchain platform.

Key benefits

  • The app provides immutable storage and retrieval for data created or modified in QuickBooks. It stores the data in the Xooa blockchain. It can be accessed using REST APIs or web interface from Xooa blockchain platform web console.

How it works with QuickBooks

The app listens to all the changes to any entity in a company defined in QuickBooks. It asks a user to connect their QuickBooks company to the app. Then it registers for webhooks from QuickBooks. These webhooks are triggered when data of a company associated with the user account is created or modified. App uses QuickBooks APIs to retrieve the data and store it in Xooa blockchain platform.


The app provides users an interface to connect the companies in their QuickBook login with Xooa blockchain platform. It provides security and immutability of their data. The data can be accessed using simple REST APIs provided or web interface from Xooa blockchain platform web console.



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Free to use

Free 0 N/A This app is free to use with any Xooa blockchain platform account


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Who owns the rights for the data stored in Xooa?
You or your employer own the rights for your data, and Xooa will never use, sell or otherwise share your data with anyone. Due to technology limitations, we cannot completely delete your data from our servers when you delete an app
How can I access data stored in Xooa for use?
Xooa API-GW provides permanent RESTful end points that allows applications and cloud services to interact with your smart contract. Your smart contract can be configured to access data stored in Xooa blockchain.
How do I get started?
Refer to our step-by-step guidelines present at xooa.com/integrations/quickbooks and https://github.com/Xooa/samples/tree/master/quickbooks